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What is a double glazed window?

uPVC windows were originally designed for extreme climates because of its ability to re-radiate heat in the cold months and block heat during hot weather. The frames are made with two sheets of glass with a gap in between to create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in. This is sometimes filled with an inert gas like argon which allow less heat to escape and less cold to enter because they have a higher density, therefore offering a better buffer than air as well as reduced condensation. Because of the benefits of their use, double glazing is now widely used everywhere, both for new installation or to replace old or broken windows.

The window panes can be made out of many kinds of glass:

  • Low Emissivity glass - accommodates a range of climates
  • High-Solar-Gain glass - reduces heat loss and increases heat
  • Moderate-Solar-Gain glass - lets in a smaller amount of heat without losing any light
  • Low-Solar-Gain glass - offers the highest defense against UV rays

The advantages of modern windows

Double glazing has many benefits:

  • Keeps warm air in, making your property better insulated resulting in fewer draughts and cheaper heating bills
  • You can enjoy a quiet home because the sealed windows keep the noise out
  • Your home is safe and secure; the toughened glass is more difficult to break intoo

There are many of benefits to replacing your windows, and their installation is generally considered to increase the value of a home. These clever devices can also protect people and prevent furniture, floors, photographs and rugs from fading and sun damage.